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E-Mail is decentralized, so why not instant messaging?
Imagine you could only send E-Mails from your provider to other users using the same provider, that is the stage with most instant messaging applications and we need to break this vendor lock-in.

Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP, originally named Jabber) is an open communication protocol designed for decentralized instant messaging (IM). Designed to be extensible, the protocol offers a multitude of applications beyond traditional IM in the broader realm of message-oriented middleware, including signalling for VoIP, video, file transfer, gaming and other uses.

Your Jabber Address (jid) is in the format user@server popular and well known due to E-Mail addresses. Just keep in mind that even if your JID looks similar to an E-Mail address it is not compatible and you need to use a dedicated xmpp/jabber client to exchange messages.

End-to-End Encryption

XMPP servers can be isolated (e.g., on a company intranet), and secure authentication (SASL) and point-to-point encryption (TLS). Most modern XMPP Clients support multi-end-to-multi-end encryption (OMEMO) end-to-end encryption between users.
The c0nnect messenger and the c0nnect webapp implement OMEMO and PGP encryption!


The XMPP network architecture is reminiscent of the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), a client–server model. Clients do not talk directly to one another as it is decentralized - anyone can run a server. By design, there is no central authoritative server as there is with messaging services such as AIM, WLM, WhatsApp or Telegram.


A great varity of Clients are available for all major platforms. We have composed a list with some recommendations! For quick access you can always use the free c0nnect xmpp/jabber webapp!


Many server, client, and library implementations are distributed as free and open-source software. Numerous freeware and commercial software implementations also exist.

c0nnect messenger

The c0nnect messenger app is available for free at google play!

Our app is completely free for use and is completly opensource!

We make sure your communication stays safe and private as intended! The c0nnect messenger implements transport encryption (TLS) plus optional end-to-end encryption via OMEMO and/or PGP

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