Bitte authentifiziere Dich für den Zugang zu diesem Bereich!
Bitte authentifiziere Dich für den Zugang zu diesem Bereich!

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Creating a free, secure and private audio/video multi-user conference has never been so easy. With one click you can create your custom conference.
  • No signup or software installation required!
  • choose from a list of public global jitsi instances which respect privacy.
  • The Server can be switched on-the-fly, even while the conference is running, with all current conference members moved to the new server flawlessly and the url will stay the same!
  • Sell tickets and host your video workshop, training or any other type of meeting with a few clicks!
  • ...more!


Completely Free

Our service is completely free and powered by community donations

Switch Servers

Whenever you experience connection problems to one server, you can switch the server flawelessly without the need to resend a new link to the participants. All users will be moved to the new server if the conference is running.


All conferences have transport encryption enabled. Optionally end-to-end encryption can be enabled!

Custom Events

Create conferences for virtual events.

Sell Tickets

Easily sell tickets to your 1-to-1 or multiuser conferences, workshops, consulting and more!


We offer white label conference solutions using own or premium servers. Contact us for more details!


Creating a conference is easy, free and does not require any account!
1. Create a conference
2. Share the generated secure link and the optional password
3. Enjoy your free online audio/video/text multi user conference!

Switch Servers

When some server or some of your users experience connection problems to one server the conference creator can switch the server on the fly with all participants moved to the new server flawlessly. The URL to the conference ramains the same so new participants will automatically join the recent server!

Watch Together

While in a conference you can easily share a YouTube, or other video. Each participant will stream the video locally but with a synced playback point for the whole conference! You can enjoy your favorite videos together in the highest possible quality with your friends.

Screen Sharing

No matter if you want to share your whole desktop or just a single window, with a few clicks you can have your screen shared with all other conference members.

End-to-End Encryption

Optionally DTLS-SRTP end-to-end encryption can be enabled for conferences!